How to set up Shopify website

First time Shopify store owner? If so, this is the place for you. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss how to set up your Shopify website so that you can get up and running with your new Shopify store!

Grab your Shopify Theme

The first step in how to set up your Shopify website is to make sure that you have your theme on hand. This theme, is essentially your website, or storefront, that you can customize and that people will see once they come to your website.

If you don’t have a theme, don’t worry! We have some prebuilt themes for you to get up and running: Our Shopify Themes

Once you download your theme, make sure that it is a zip file so that you can upload it into your Shopify store.

Upload your Shopify Theme

The next thing you’ll want to do when looking for how to set up your Shopify website is to upload your theme. If you would like a detailed step by step process of how to do that, you can check out our blog article here:

Once you upload your theme, you’ll probably want to make some design changes, import your products, and more. Let’s go over that now.

Edit your Theme’s design

One good thing about Shopify is how easy it is to make custom changes to your storefront. Once you click “Customize” on your “Themes” page, you will be taken to the customizer.

Here, you have access to all the pages in your theme, and each individual section. You can change the text, color, and images of any section that you like, You can also move sections around to places that you think will look good for your website. This is a good thing to know when learning about how to set up your Shopify website.

Pro tip: Adding an announcement bar at the top of your website can let visitors know of any new sales that you are having!

An example of the Shopify Theme Editor.

Add products to your store

An important part of how to set up your Shopify website is adding new products to your store, right! You want to get up and running with your amazing new website! To add new products to your Shopify store, in your Admin account, simply click on “Products”, then the big green button “Add product”.

You will be taken to a page where you can add all the details about your new product, its cost, the collection it belongs to, and more. It’s very simple and easy to do, so thank you Shopify!

Here is how the “Add product” page looks like on Shopify.

Congratulations on your new store!

You’re all set! We hope we were able to answer some of the questions you were having about how to set up your Shopify website. Once you have connected your domain and set up your analytics and hosting plan, you should be all set to launch your website!

If you are looking for a new Shopify Theme, we have some hand-crafted themes for you to choose from here: Our Premium Shopify Themes

We also can help you set up your Shopify store, including set-up of Google Analytics, custom code sections, and more: Our services


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