How to Publish Your Shopify Store

So you’ve started your new business, added your products, have your logo ready, and are now ready to launch your new store! But wait! How do you publish it?

In this article, we will briefly go over how to publish your Shopify store, and some Shopify tips for you to keep in mind. All you have to do is click “publish” on your “Themes” Admin panel, and your store will be live. Let’s get into it.

Publishing your store

The first step in how to publish your Shopify store is to go to your store’s admin account. Here is where you can edit your store from behind the scenes, making changes such as updating your store’s design, adding new products, and more.

From there, click on “Online Store”. This will show you a variety of extra features that you can use. After that, click on “Themes”. On this page, you want to look for your store that you’ve been working on. You should see it in your Theme Library. There, you will see the name of the theme and when it was added.

If you haven’t released a new store yet, you may see the Dawn Theme or another default theme that is currently live. But we don’t want that. We are learning how to publish your new Shopify store and change the old one.

In your theme library, look for the theme that you want to publish. Click on “publish”. You will see a message asking you if you want to confirm this and replace the previous theme. Click on “publish” once again.

Your new store should now be live! You just learned how to publish your Shopify store! So what’s next?

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