Is starting a Shopify store worth it?

You’ve been making custom blankets for your close friends and family for years, and now you want to start a busines out of this. Great! You have some products to sell, so now, you just need a place to sell them?

With all the marketplaces out there, you may be wondering whether or not starting a Shopify store is worth it. In this article, we will go over some brief points as to why it is. Starting a Shopify store is worth it because it allows you to sell products on a website that you own, meaning that your customers can reach you directly, and you never have to fear that your account will be deleted, meaning loss of contact with your store’s customers.

Reason 1: Ability to customize store design

The first reason starting a Shopify store is worth it is because you have the ability to customize fully how your store looks and feels. Unlike platforms like Etsy, where for the most part, you can’t change how your store looks, on Shopify, you have fully customizable options.

You can change your logo anytime, your background colors, what image you want people to see when they first come to your website, what featured product to show them, direct people to your newsletter, and even start your own blog.

Another reason why starting a Shopify store is worth it is because you can also edit how your store will look like on mobile. Because most customers these days go online on cell phones, it’s important to make sure that you create a website that is user-friendly and easy to find things, and Shopify allows you to edit your store’s design to make this happen. Yes, the ability to edit your store design is one reason why starting a Shopify store is worth it.

Reason 2: Direct contact with customers

A second, and very important reason why starting a Shopify store is worth it is the close relationship you can have with your store’s customers.

On platforms like Etsy and Creative Market, it’s true that they have messaging features. However, if you have a problem with your account, or you wake up one day and find out that your account is banned or deleted, what happens to all your messages, and the customers that you spoke to? They’re gone.

With Shopify, you can set up a contact form, which most themes, if not all of them, have one. Here, customers can write to you directly, sharing any concerns that they may have. Every time someone sends a message, you will get a response, and can instantly reply to them. This creates a tight bond between you and your customer.

Starting a Shopify store is worth it also because you can instantly let customers know if there is an issue with a product, a delay in shipment with a distributor, or anything else. You can send a mass email to all your customers, or you can create an announcement right on your website for everyone to see. The close connection that you can have with your customers is a great reason as to why starting a Shopify store is worth it.

Shopify themes & setting up your store

In this article, we discussed why starting a Shopify store is worth it, especially because you can directly edit your store design, and have direct communication with your customers.

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