How to make a Shopify store

So you’ve decided that you want to start selling goods online! But, you need a place to sell them! Thankfully, Shopify makes it easier than ever to get started!

The easiest way to make a Shopify store is by using a premade template, instead of building it from scratch, so that you can get up and running.

Grab a Shopify Theme

If you’re wondering how to make a Shopify store, you will first need to get a Shopify Theme. Thankfully, the Shopify Theme store has lots of free themes from you to choose from. These designs are simple, clean, and great to get started with. We especially like the Dawn theme.

However, many of these free themes are also very simple, and do not have the ability to make it fully custom. If you’re looking for themes that have a modern, clean design, with the ability to convert you customers, we invite you to check out our ready-made Shopify Themes here:

Add your products

The next step in how to make a Shopify store is to make sure that all your products are added to your store. This is very easy to do from your Shopify Admin panel.

An important part to keep in mind when looking for how to make a Shopify store is regarding your Shopify store’s images. You want to make sure that the images you choose are clear and not blurred.

It is also good to make sure that you have multiple angles of the product you are selling. Having an image of the product in use is also a good touch. These are just a few key points to keep in mind when looking at how to make a Shopify store.

Get a domain

When it comes to having a professional website for your online store, you’ll also want to have a professional domain. You can go to websites like Namecheap, and get a domain for your website. This should be done, preferably after you have a name for your brand.

That way, the domain name and brand name are the same, and your customers will be able to remember it. A good domain is another good thing to keep in mind when looking for how to make a Shopify store.

You created your first Shopify store!

The good thing about learning how to make a Shopify store is that it is not too difficult, and Shopify is a fairly easy platform to learn. Once you’ve done the above steps, you can publish your store to the world! But of course, there will come a time when you will need additional help to help your Shopify business look more professional.

That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for a new, clean, modern-designed Shopify Theme, or a professional email signature, check out our products here:

For additional help setting up your Shopify store, custom code features, or another Shopify needs, view our services here:

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