How to edit your Shopify theme

Working on your Shopify store, and looking for how to edit your Shopify theme? In this article, we will briefly go over how you can quickly get up and running editing your Shopify theme.

Your store account

The first thing you’ll want to do when looking for how to edit your Shopify theme is to go to your account page. You can quickly do so by typing in your search bar: “”, and once signed in, this will take you directly to your Shopify Admin page.

Look for “Online Store”

The next step you’ll want to take when searching for how to edit your Shopify theme is to search for the “Online Store” link. This should be on the left side of your screen in the panel. If you do not see it, look for the section “Sales channels”, and you should see “Online Store” right under there.

Find “Customize”

The above instructions should now take you to the “Themes” page. This page is where all of the themes for your store are held. Here, you can upload themes, preview themes, and of course, edit themes.

So, the next step in how to edit your Shopify theme is to go to your current theme. You should see the “current theme” section. From there, look for the green button “Customize”. Click on that.

You should now be taken to a customize panel, created by Shopify, which allows you to change the text, color, images, and so much more regarding your Shopify Theme.

Now, you’ve discovered how to edit your Shopify theme!

Tips on editing your Shopify Theme

As you are looking for how to edit your Shopify theme, there are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

The first thing is: Copywriting is very important. When a customer arrives at your website for the first time, the very first thing they might look at is your images on the home page, followed by the text.

Because most people leave websites in the first few seconds, having eye-catching copywriting that leaves your customers wanting more is exactly what you want to do.

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