How to make my Shopify store look better

Working on your store, and wondering how to make your Shopify store look better? In this article, we will go over some quick tips and tricks that you can use today by using the Shopify store editor to help bring your store to life and attract your dream customer.

Use empty space

Many times, when people ask how to make their Shopify store look better, it’s because there is so much clutter on the website. How can you fix this?

When you go into your Shopify store editor, try to remove any extra words or images that you think don’t need to be there. Think about this – Can the customer see what this section is about? Is the product image and description visible? How long does the description really need to be?

It also helps if you use some of the image blocks that Shopify provides to create space. Instead of using words to describe your product, why not display a carousel or collection of images to the website visitor? So if you’re wondering how to make your Shopify store look better, think about how you can use empty space in your store design.

Keep the colors the same

Another tip to keep in mind when looking for how to make your Shopify store look better is to keep your store colors pretty similar. Having a specific color scheme will allow your website to bring a professional look to your store. How so? Well, if you’re using bright colors on one page, but the next page has calm colors, how will a first time visitor be able to tell that these two pages belong to the same website?

The good thing about choosing a well designed Shopify theme is that the design process is already done for you, so your color scheme for your website is most likely already created. But if you are still looking for how to make your Shopify store look better and you want to change or edit your website colors, you can use a website like to create a neat looking design for your Shopify store.

The main point here: Keeping your website colors uniform is a must for those looking for how to make your Shopify store look better.

Images, images, images

As you may know, most people today do not read. So, a great way to make your Shopify store look better is to use images in your website.

Do you have a new product that has just dropped? Are you launching a new product soon? Do you have any sales that your customers should know about? If so, using images is a great way to bring attention to these goodies.

In your Shopify editor, there are some image templates that you can use, and all you have to do is place your images and add a description. Pro tip – the more images you use, and the more people see the various views of your product, the bigger chance you may have of people buying your product.

So, if you are looking for how to make your Shopify store look better, please, consider using images in your design.

Create your dream Shopify store

In this article, we discussed three things that you can do today to help make your Shopify store look better.

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