How to switch themes on Shopify

Do you currently have a theme that you are using on Shopify but want to change? Don’t worry! With Shopify, it’s very easy to change your storefront and get it up and running. So if you’re looking for how to switch themes on Shopify, keep reading!

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The process

When you purchase a Shopify theme, say from a place like Etsy or Creative Market, you usually receive the theme in a Zip file. So what you’ll want to do next when looking for how to switch themes on Shopify is go to your admin page. You can find it by typing: Once you’re logged in, this will take you directly to the admin page.

The next step when looking for how to switch themes on Shopify is to look at the left side of your admin page, where you can find all the different sections. Next, click on “Online Store”, and “Themes”, if it’s not already highlighted.

You should now see the current theme that your store is using. On this same page, scroll down and look for the “Theme Library” section. You should see a button that will let you “Add a Theme”. Click on that.

Now, click on “Upload Zip File”. When looking for how to switch themes on Shopify, remember that Shopify likes zip files, so you’ll want to make sure to upload your new theme as a zip file and not a regular file.

From there, you should see your new theme in your theme library. Click on the “actions” button, then “Publish”. If everything looks good to you and you’ve made all the changes you would like, this will replace your old theme with your new current theme and publish it to the web.

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Editing your theme

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for how to switch themes on Shopify is editing your new theme.

To do this, simply click on “customize”. This will take you to the customizer page, where you can edit your theme and make any changes that you would like. You can change the color of the background, change the text, and even create simple announcement bars for your customers.

Where can I get a new Shopify theme?

If you’re looking for how to switch themes on Shopify, this probably means that you are looking to change your store theme.

One Shopify theme that we recommend is the Calm Shopify 2.0 Modern Theme. This theme is easy to install, built with clean, quality design, and there is no coding involved. All you have to do is purchase, download, and publish!

More features:

  • Customizable blocks
  • No code, easily edit in your Shopify editor
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy brand logo installation

What do you get:

  • Calm Shopify 2.0 Template
  • Welcome and Set-Up Guide

The Calm 2.0 Shopify Theme is a great choice for your online store. To purchase, simply click the link:

If you’re looking for how to switch themes on Shopify, we hope that we were able to help. If you need any more help setting up your theme and getting your store up and running, feel free to send us an email here: or check out our services here: Zqdo’s Shopify Services.


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