The Challenge: Website Redesign + Software Setup


Suntree Business Center: Website Redesign + Software Setup

We were first tasked with redesigning their website, which targets their potential customers: business owners who are looking for office spaces to rent.

Website before the redesign:

What we did

With the redesign, we had a couple things we needed to accomplish.

  • Allow tenants to book a conference room
  • Allow tenants to submit maintenance requests
  • Showcase their gallery of office photos
  • Make it easy for potential clients to find company information
  • Add keywords to their website that potential tenants would search for to let them get found on Google

Website after the redesign

Setting up a booking system for their tenants

They also had another concern: Tenants would email them personally to book meeting rooms, but this was a time consuming problem.

The solution we brought to them was to set them up with a software, that would allow tenants to book a room directly without having to contact the office. They also had the option to see all other rooms that were free or taken.

This new solution takes off some of the stress for the Suntree Business Center.

The results

We were able to create an appealing redesign for the Suntree Business Center’s website.

These changes should also help improve the SEO of their website, allowing a steady increase of traffic over time.

We also helped set up a software for their tenants to book meeting rooms easily.

If you’re interested in making some of these changes for your own website, feel free to reach out here.


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