Case study: Redesigning Palm Bay Diner’s Website


Redesigning Palm Bay Diner’s Website

I originally reached out to Palm Bay Diner after noticing some areas on their website that could be improved. As you can see in the image, many of the links on the home page were spread apart, making it hard for website visitors to find information.

Before the redesign: Home Page

The Challenge

As mentioned before, because many of the links were clustered together, new visitors who are looking to see what the restaurant offers would have to take time to explore. As business owners, we want to make the process of finding information as easy as possible for our website visitors.

Before the redesign: Specials and Working Times

Also, the owner mentioned that they wanted to attract to both old and young alike, and so the images they were using, of the restaurant location, employees, and food, had to be updated to meet this goal.

Before the redesign: Restaurant Menu

Our Solution

Together, we came up with a simple homepage with a catchy title which speaks to the ideal audience.

After the redesign: Home Page

We spread out the menus into different categories, making it easy for customers to find their ideal dish.

We also used updated and attractive images to attract potential customers.

After the redesign: Menus

Palm Bay Diner deliver’s food as well, and so we wanted to create a delivery page, which was easy to use and which highlights the many ways a customer can order food through their restaurant, whether it be Grubhub, Uber Eats, or DoorDash.

After the redesign: Showcasing Food Options

The results

We were able to improve the user experience of Palm Bay Diner’s website and make it easier to use.

We were also able to create an appealing website with attractive images.

These changes should help improve the SEO of their website, allowing a steady increase of traffic over time.

If you’re interested in making some of these changes for your own website, feel free to reach out here.


Palm Bay Diner

Project Duration:

1 Month

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